Onboard Security

Security on Wheels

As an extension of traditional video monitoring into wireless transportation environments, Hikvision’s mobile systems offer both analog and IP solutions and a wide range of selected products to fit your specific needs. Mostly used for situations such as pickpocketing and traffic accidents.

Key features:

  • High reliability
  • Alarm functions
  • Intelligent Applications

Mobile Cameras

The mobile cameras are the professional choice for on-board monitoring scenarios. The cameras adopt anti-vibration and fire-proof design to ensure stable performance on the move. Hikvision can provide various network and analog cameras to meet different customers’ requirements on buses, trucks, Personals vehicles, trains etc.
Categories :
  • Mobile analog cameras
  • Mobile AI Network Cameras

Mobile Video Recorders

The mobile video recorders offer professional onboard video storage with anti-vibration box design, power-off protection, and high heat-dissipation efficiency. Customers can choose network or digital video recorders with different channel numbers, storage capacities, and functions based on specific needs.
  • Mobile Digital Video Recorders
  • Mobile Network Video Recorders