Alarm Products

Hawk vision stocks alarm products that build reliable protection in every corners. By providing security measures that focus on very specific needs and risks, for example, smoke detection, water leak detection, or displacement detection for important objects, alarm products help you build a powerful security system that monitors all situations.

Hikvision Intrusion Alarm Panel

Hikvision Alarm offers intruder alarm solutions which combine a deep customer understanding with world-leading technologies. Hikvision provides top-tier intruder products suitable for a range of market segments and vertical applications.


  • AX PRO
  • AX Hub
  • Alarm accessories
  • AX Hybrid
  • Expanders & Peripherals
  • Demonstrate product

Hikvision Intrusion Detector

Hikvision offers a wide range of both wired and wireless detectors for many scenarios. Compact design, easy installation, and great reliability make our detectors popular components of an intrusion alarm system.


  • Wired Detector
  • Wireless Detector
  • Accessories

Emergency Alarm

Hikvision’s Emergency Alarm Series has been specifically designed for use in public places to expand safety, confidence, and security. These alarms are especially useful when emergency situations occur and timely responses are required.
  • Panic Alarm Box
  • Panic Alarm Master Station
  • Panic Alarm Panel
  • Panic Alarm Station

Security Radar

Hikvision Security Radar is ideal for monitoring large, exposed spaces with harsh weather, and where the perimeter environment is too complex for deployment of only video surveillance cameras.
  • Microwave Radars